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Tipping The Stripper – Why Is It Important?

The strip club industry is, by far, the fastest growing industry in the entertainment area. Many people, mainly out of curiosity, go out to a strip club for the first time. And, once they do it, they always want to come back, because they have the greatest time in a strip club. But, when you go out to a striptease bar, you have to prepare yourself well. There are some rules and customs everyone should obey when they go out to a strip club. One of them is, undoubtedly, tipping the stripper.

Spending money at a strip club is an inevitable part of this kind of a night out. Although strippers are not sex workers (this is one of the most common stereotypes about these girls), they really deserve to be paid. If you look it closely, they do anything to seduce you, which is the main part of their job. Nevertheless, we won’t keep you any longer in this introduction. Here’s why is important to tip the stripper in following occasions.

Tipping The Stripper – The Best Way Show Your Gratitude

The whole purpose of a night out in a strip club is to watch an amazing stripper’s performance and their naked asses and boobies. Every man knows that the desirable moves of a hot girl is a huge turn on. In other words – having the most memorable fun is the real reason why people like strip clubs. And, one of the biggest mistakes people make is not wearing money or bringing a credit card along with them. That’s a big no-no. Remember – you always have to bring your cash with you.

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First of all, strip clubs are unique and extraordinary places where you can watch the magnificent strip show. And, by strip show, we mean the best pole dancing you’ve ever seen! The poses the hot strippers do, the sexy moves that they make, the seductive look they have when they “throw an eye” on you… The paradise on Earth that you should definitely appreciate, because you won’t find these kind of entertainment anywhere else. So, show your gratitude by tipping the stripper. Start by bill with a smaller value index. And, as the fun goes on, slowly increase the amount of money.

Believe us – strippers will know how to say thanks in their own words. Or actions.

Reward The Stripper When She Gives You A Lap Dance Or If You Like Her

Besides pole dancing, many lads want to take their fun at a strip club to the new level. Which is perfectly fine and normal. One thing is for sure – every stripper will offer you an astonishing lap dance. You can politely turn down this offer. But, if you accept it, don’t forget to reward her by tipping the stripper well. And, when we say “well”, we mean – don’t be a miser. A lap dance is a more intimate service than casual pole dance. When receiving this type of a private dance, the stripper gets really close to you, wraps her legs around you and initiates all your sexual fantasies.

This is why you should tip her without even counting the bulk of money you’re giving it to her! That’s how phenomenal and spectacular lap dance can really be. There is one more situation where you can tip the stripper. You don’t have to, it’s not obligatory, but that would be a really nice gesture. It’s not uncommon that guys really admire the stripper – both physically and mentally. So, if you like the stripper, feel free to tip her. Play smoothly, start a nice conversation with her, flirt and chat lasciviously.

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You wouldn’t imagine how much they (the dancers) enjoy this kind of a chat. Who knows, maybe afterwards you’ll start dating the stripper. It certainly wouldn’t surprise us, because strippers have a lot of amazing things to offer.

But, You Don’t Have To Tip The Ladies Always – There Is An Alternative

Believe it or not, you don’t have to tip the stripper always. Tipping usually means giving the money. But, you can show your appreciation for her skills and perfectly sculpted body simply by paying her a drink. Yeah, that’s all! And, that’s an adequate cash alternative. However, if you’re asking yourself where to put the money when you’re tipping the stripper, don’t worry. The girl will show you the obvious place for that. But, don’t do the touching! That is forbidden in a strip club, unless the stripper takes the initiative and that’s a whole different story

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