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Rules In A Strip Club – Manners That You Should Always Follow

There is this moment in every man’s life when he wants to visit a striptease bar. Naked ladies all around you are trying to impress you, chilling atmosphere, relaxing music, cozy environment. It’s like every guy’s dream come true, isn’t it? There are still many more reasons why people like going to a strip clubs. And, all of them are perfectly justified. But, whether you are going to a strip club for the first time or you are a regular customer, there are some rules in a strip club that you should always obey. Without any exception.

Imagine if everyone in a strip club would behave as they want. That would’ve been total chaos and anarchy, and no one would enjoy. It is pretty natural and normal to know what to do when you find yourself in a gentleman’s club. Striptease bars are not like any other regular or classic nightclubs. This is the main reason why there are some special guiding principles that everyone should respect in a strip club.

So, without further ado, follow these steps and you won’t be having any problem or discomfort in a strip club.

Rules In A Strip Club – Don’t Touch The Strippers Or Try To Get Intimate With Them

So, you’ve decided to come to a strip club. Congratulations! You’ll find yourself in a matter of time surrounded by a dozen naked girls who are willing to do anything for your ultimate satisfaction. Yeah, we admit it, too – it is tempting and lascivious situation which can be really sexualy stimulating. But, hold your hands to yourself. Rule number one in a strip club is – never touch the hot strippers.

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Ladies in a strip club are not prostitutes or any kind of sex workers. Yes, they are hot as hell, pleasant, very attractive and sexy. But, above all, they are professional players who do their job in order to earn some money. Just because of that, show respect to them by not grabbing or touching them. On the other hand, this situation can be slightly different when strip girl gives you an amazing lap dance. If that’s the case, due to a private sort of service, you can do a little bit of touching, if she lets you.

Of course, you can chat freely with the strippers, but don’t try to kiss them or get intimate with them. This kind of behaviour will make them run away from you instantly.

Always Tip The Ladies And Don’t Use Any Camera

Don’t think that just paying for the entry or a drink is enough when you go out to a strip club. You should never come to these places with your pockets or wallet (half) empty. Spending money in a strip club should, actually, be your pleasure, not an obligation. With this being said, when you sit next to the stage, you should always tip the stripper. That’s one of the main rules in a strip club that you should constantly have in your mind.

Let’s look at the situation this way. She dances just for you and her sexy moves and even sexier body is a heaven for your eyes! Let’s be honest – she is “giving” you something that you are missing in your life. Because of it, she deserves to be well paid. So, when you are tipping her, be generous. Remember – the more you tip the lady, the more fun and incredible experience will be for you. Also, many customers try to have their phone out and take a photo of a stripper. As much as situation and the atmosphere are provocative – don’t ever use a camera in a strip club.

With this kind of conduct, you’ll just distract the stripper and violate the strip club privacy which might be an “alarm” for the security guards.

Rules In A Strip Club – Fit In With The Environment And Don’t Get Drunk

Keep in mind, none of the rules in a strip club are there by accident. Once you are inside of a strip club, good manners should be your priority. This means that your “task” in a striptease bar is to play cool, be smooth and not to do any cringe things. Strip clubs are places where men can be men and where hey can relax as much as they want. Also, men visit striptease bars so they would forget about their daily worries and where they be stress free!

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Now that you know it, you shouldn’t have any problems to fit in the environment. Just be yourself and act nice. As we’ve already said, you can talk, flirt and coquet with the ladies. Although her job is to do anything for your maximum pleasure, there is nothing wrong if you try to charm the lady. Trust us, she’d really like that. And, if you notice that she really fancies you, be free to ask her out on a date.

Drinking an alcoholic beverage in a strip club is a common thing. So, you can have a few drinks in a strip club, but be moderate at it. Try not to get drunk, because that would get you into a trouble and embarrassing situation. You definitely don’t want the security guards to react and kick you out of the club.

The Last And The Ultimate Guideline In A Strip Club – Have Fun!

Strip clubs are like a “holy temples” for men. Everything in strip clubs is about men’s superb pleasure and memorable experience. As we can see by far, the rules in a strip club exist just for thing – the whole point of going out to a strip club is to have maximum fun! Strip bars are the perfect places to enjoy as much as you want and to hang out with your buddies. If you want to choose the right strip club to go to, where your gratification will be on the whole new level, then Romansa Nightclub is a solution for you!

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