Events in the club

Spend yourself unforgettable at the Romans strip club if you celebrate a mom's evening or relax with your business associates after a busy day.

Bachelor party

Moment of the NightBeach and there is only one, unforgettable and unique mom's evening, and you are just bothering to make it unforgettable, or you maybe after a series of serious and exhausting business meetings eager for relaxation in the cozy and relaxing atmosphere, or on your journey in the famous cities of Europe you want to feel and experience in a short time the breath of a great time spent by friends ...

Somehow, according to the unwritten rule, a mom's evening is not a boy if the future groom with his company does not spend crazy and unforgettable evening with good drinks, great music and unavoidable fantastic striptease. You know that, when you do not know if they look better or play better, and whenever each theme is desirable and welcome, only good society is important.

Stripper Club - Relaxing after meetings

The new standards of life impose today's business man the daily tension and stress accumulated after various exhausting business negotiations and agreements as soon as possible, and the best way to do this is the relaxing atmosphere of the nightclub, when you replace a tedious and stressful conversation with a business partner with fluffy topics and easy chatting with one of the sympathetic strippers of the Romans club in the heart of Belgrade.

The pleasant domestic atmosphere of Belgrade's night clubs "Romance" and "Crystal" makes you relax and enjoy the magic of stripping, in all variations of the erotic game. Professional players will show you all their toy skills and skills when it comes to this delicate dance.

Stripper Club Romance

Always smiling and cheerful, the company will tell you during the evening, chat with you completely optional about the topics you choose, play for you only, if you want.

Charmingly dressed or completely natural, very charming, real ladies, will mend your mood, beautify the party, briefly touch you with the care of a good housewife and make sure that your stay with us remains an unforgettable memorial.

It's yours to pick a trigger and choose one of our strip clubs.

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