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Stripping club Romansa is proven to be the most exclusive and most pleasant night club with the reputation of the best in this region. The club is located in two attractive locations, in the very center of Belgrade.

Strip club Romansa

Romance Stripper Club offers you every day from 22:00 to noon until early morning (05:00), that you have great chances to spend unforgettable moments in the club of the most grievous, charming, most romantic, sexy and truly unique strippers. You will feel the attention and care of every member of our club and enjoy erotic dance, and this will make you forget about daily worries.

Romance Striptiz club is one of the most popular night clubs located in the center of Belgrade.

Where's the best party- Strip club Romansa

If you want to relax, nobody disturbs you, or just have an unforgettable evening, Belgrade's stripping club Romansa is the right place for you. Whether you celebrate your birthday, party or evening, or have another occasion for celebration. There's a lot of the occasion, and the place is just one: Romance VIP strip club in Belgrade.


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With your favorite company, good drinks, pleasant atmosphere, great music and even more polished strippers, that are sensuous and erotic, modern and artistic just for you, enjoy! Romansa, a Belgrade night club, offers top strippers and a phenomenal, relaxing and intimate atmosphere, and for that reason is famous for one of the best strip clubs in Belgrade.

Welcome to Romans

Our players welcome and entertain guests with an attractive dance with an unavoidable bar on the central podium of the club. Guests who come back to us again are the best recommendation that our visitors are satisfied with the overall service. Romance is a code to fulfill all your hidden fantasies. Romance Night Club is a jewel of stripping events in Belgrade. Your good mood and enjoyment are our goal of existence.

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