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Spending Money In A Strip Club – For Great Time Enough Is Never Enough

Everything about going out somewhere is to have an incredible and memorable experience. And, in order to have a great time, you just have to have money with you. Imagine a situation where you want to impress a girl you’ve just met, and you want to pay her a drink. Or, it is your turn to pay a round of beer for your buddies. With your pockets empty, it is really difficult to do it, isn’t it? The exact same thing applies when you want to go out to a striptease bar. Keep in mind that spending money in a strip club isn’t just about respecting the common rule in a strip bar.

Spending just the right amount of cash in a strip bar should be, actually, your satisfaction, not your obligation. Hot strippers, with their mesmerizing dance and moves, do everything to enchant and impress you. And they deserve to get payed for it. The more money you spend on them, the better the strip show will be. Therefore, the more satisfied you will be. But, also, don’t spend too much money. Like everything else in life – be moderate and reasonable and your pleasure will be at its maximum!

Spending Money In A Strip Club – Always Tip The Lady On Stage Or Leave

Before you “enter” in any strip club’s adventure, remember to ask for the prices. You don’t want to get in an embarrassing situation where you don’t have enough cash to pay for the services. Actually, if strippers see that you just sit there, watch them and you don’t give them a single penny, they’ll certainly avoid you. Not even bartenders like to see when their customer is broke. So, don’t make one of the biggest mistakes in a strip club because bringing cash along with you is the mandatory rule in a striptease bar.

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Spending money in a strip club is particularly important when it comes to tipping the ladies on the stage. Let’s face it. The real reason why men like to go to a strip club is to watch hot boobies and naked asses. When tempting girls are dancing, they are, actually, doing everything to entertain you and seduce you. Their job is to create a cozy and a fantastic atmosphere in a strip club, which will be heaven for your eyes. And they deserve to be payed for it.

So, when you are sitting in front of the stage, be generous towards the girls. At least, pay them a drink. Don’t be a cheapskate. Remember – if you pay them well, your pleasure will be multiplied! And, you’ll always want to come back again in a strip club just because of that incredible experience.

Never Take The Credit Card In A Strip Club

You can take your credit card with you when you go out to the store, market or, basically, everywhere. Except if you’ve decided to go to a gentleman’s club or nightclub. In that case you should always prepare your cash. Many people make huge mistake by carrying their credit card with them. Especially if they’re going out to the strip club for the first time. Although, most of the strip clubs have ATM machine, credit card in nightclubs shouldn’t be your means of payment.

It’s simple. There are some services in a strip club that are just not provided and not appropriate, according to unwritten striptease bar rules, for a credit card. Beside tipping the ladies for dancing, you should give them money when talking to them. Yeah, you’re allowed to chat and flirt with hot strippers, because everything in a strip club is about indulging your fantasies. Coquetting politely with a stripper is an essential part of your amazing experience in a strip club.

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So, if you’re lonely and need company to talk to, feel free to ask the hot girls for a nice chat. They’ll be more than delighted! And, don’t forget to pay them if you talk to them more than ten minutes. With cash, of course, and keep your credit card in your wallet.

Is Just Cash Enough For Lap Dance?

You should know that it is considered rude to just throw money to the ladies. Don’t do that! When in gentleman’s club – be gentleman and play smoothly. Give them your cash politely, like you would pay any other service. If you are nice to them, strippers will offer you many pleasant and amazing things. But, if you want more intimate service from hot ladies, than the lap dance is the right choice for you. Due to the private nature of this dance, this service is a little bit more expensive than regular pole dancing. In fact, if you charm the girl and you’re respectful to her, she will let you touch her!

Beside paying the stripper extra for her private dance, pay her a drink also and enjoy in magnificent moment. Trust us, every single penny you spend on this service is worth it! You will, in a matter of time, forget all your daily worries. To sum things up – always bring money with you in a striptease bar. Spending money in a strip club, without counting it, is a natural thing in order to have a stunning time. Nevertheless, if you want to have the time of your life in a strip club, then you should definitely come to Romansa Nightclub.

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