first time in the strip club

First Time In The Strip Club – How To Behave

From time to time life can get really boring and without any excitement. So, why don’t you spice it up a little and make your life breathtaking again? In that case, going out to the strip club can be really pleasant experience. But, it’s all fun and games untill you cross the line. There are some rules on how to behave in strip bars that no one tells you. These are the tips on how to act if you decide to go first time in the strip club. Remember – the more you know about what to expect from strippers, workers and whole environment, the better time you’ll have.

First time in the strip club – you can look, but you can’t touch

Ok, movies are great, but reality is a whole different story. Whether you are regular customer or you are visiting strip club for the first time, main rule is – never touch the ladies. Remember, strippers are workers and they are just doing their job trying to make living. Yes, a stripper can look at you with temptation and desire. She can talk to you dirty and flirt, but that doesn’t mean that she wants to be intimate with you. She is just being professional. If you want to chat with her, be polite and friendly. Just be gentleman and she will treat you like you have never been treated in your life.

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Keep in mind that strippers are not sex workers. After all – strippers are all just human beings like yourself. Enjoy her company, respect her and you will have the best time in your life. We promise!

When you go for the first time in the strip club – always be generous

If you find yourself for the first time in the strip club, you shouldn’t go with empty pockets. Basically, you don’t need to come to the strip bar if you’re not willing to pay for that entertainment. Yes, you can sit by the bar, enjoy your drink and watch strippers from distance. In that case, you don’t have to tip them. Thing here is – there is absolutely no fun then!

But, if you’re sitting next to the stage (which is popularly called rack) – you shoud always give some money to the girl. Whole time you are watching her performance at the dance floor and you should reward her by tipping her. Like she is rewarding you with incredible dance moves and pole dancing. If you are are just sitting and watching, she might loose interest to entertain you. And it’s also disrespectful. So, be generous and have all the fun in the world!

Goal of nightout in strip bar is simple – have fun and initiate your fantasy

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In case you have never visited strip club before, you might have some misconceptions about these places. Because strip bars in movies are mainly presented as dark, dangerous and promiscuous places. But, that actually isn’t true at all. Going to the strip club is all about having fun, initating you imagination and fantasies! Many studies show that going out to the night club can actually improve your sex life and sex drive.

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