Lap Dance – Fun, Joy And The Most Incredible Experience In Strip Club


People go to striptease bars for various reasons. Someone just wants to watch hot ladies, someone wants to break life routine, while someone else just wants to hang out with his buddies. And these reasons are totally fine. But, can you imagine something more perfect than getting a lap dance in strip club? Everyone who had a naked lady dancing just for him in strip bar can say that it wasn’t mistake at all. On the contrary. Having a pleasant and relaxing private dance is one of the most amazing feelings that you can have while being in a strip club. Nevertheless, there are some rules you should obey while receiving a lap dance. Especially if you find yourself for the first time in a strip club.

Lap Dance In Strip Club – Feel Free To Ask What You Want

First of all, there is a small chance that you will get a lap dance if you don’t act like you want it. In other words, you should show interest in getting a lap dance. And, the best way to get it is to ask for it! It is never a bad idea to ask a stripper for a permission for private dance in order not to make mistakes in a strip club. Open, direct and honest communication with mesmerizing ladies in strip bar will lead you to the most incredible experience of your life.

lap dance in strip club Romansa Night club 2

So, don’t assume that you will get a lap dance just by being present in a strip club. Just like everything in life – if you want to get something, you just have to make an effort to get it. Feel free to start a conversation with the ladies. Be polite and, simply, just ask: “You are amazing, can I have a lap dance?“. Also, don’t be afraid (or even shy) to ask how much lap dance costs. You don’t want to find yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

Can You Touch A Stripper During Lap Dance?

Yes, we know. While being surrounded with stunning hot ladies, who are taking their clothes off, it is really tempting to touch them. But, don’t do that. First of all, it is inappropriate and that is a strict violation of strip bar rules where security guards can and will react. And you don’t want to be kicked out of the club. But, when it comes to a lap dance in strip club, this rule can be slightly different.

As already mentioned, it doesn’t hurt to ask what you want. Strippers may, actually, allow you to touch them during private dance, but this depends on a few factors. If you are friendly and respectful to a stripper, if you spend enough money on her, she will, in fact, let you touch her! It’s not that hard, you just have to treat her right and charm her. But, again, to reaffirm our precondition – it’s an ad hoc rule and it depends on the situation and circumstances. If you play smooth and understand strip club rules and body language, and if a hot stripper likes your attitude, you can definitely do a little touching. Let’s just say that this is one of the main reasons why people like going out to the strip clubs.

Lap Dance In Strip Club – Don’ Forget Forget To Tip A Lady And Buy Her A Drink

Whether you are going out to a strip bar for the first time or you are a regular customer, never go there with empty pockets. That is the well known unwritten rule. It’s absurd to come to a striptease bar with just enough money to buy a simple beer. Going out to a strip club includes having more fun than that. And, more fun means more cash. Even if you are just sitting and watching beautiful girls pole dancing in front of you, you should always tip them.

lap dance in strip club Romansa Night club 3

The same rule applies when it comes to lap dancing. But, in this case, you should tip a stripper a little bit more, because of the private and intimate nature of this favour. Imagine situation that you turn down a lap dance because you don’t have enough money with you. Or even worse – you don’t want to tip her. That’s really embarrassing situation and if other girls see that behaviour, they will keep away from you. So, after receiving a lap dance, always leave a tip and don’t be a scrooge. She’ll be grateful and you’ll be satisfied in all ways. That is exactly why going out to a strip club is better idea than regular night out.

Where Can You Get The Best Lap Dance? Answer Is Romansa Night Club

Having a private, lap dance in strip club can definitely be the most wonderful thing in your life. We say this without any doubt. While getting a lap dance, you can initiate your sexual fantasies and have an “explosion” of self-confidence. But, keep in mind that you can’t get kinky with strippers, because they are not sex workers. Let your fantasies stay within your imagination. This thing can, actually, improve your sex life and, also, save your relationship.

If you want to get the best lap dance in striptease bar, then you should definitely come to a Romansa Night club. In this strip bar, you will spend unforgettable moments of the most charming, most romantic, sexy and truly unique Serbian strippers. Our ladies are hot, polite, friendly and mesmerizing, but most importantly, they are professional players. Their strip dance you just have to see! Romansa Night club has the highest strip bar reputation in Belgrade and that’s the reason why many people consider us to be one of the best strip clubs in Serbia. You can organize various events here – bachelor parties or birthday parties. Or, you can, even, celebrate a Valentine’s day in our exclusive and glamorous club.

We are located in Skadarska 40, the most famous street in Belgrade. Come and taste the sweet life of Serbia. We’ll be waiting for you.

O nama

Najzgodnije devojke i sa najlepšim provokativnim pogledom su u Romansi! Prvo kada prođete kroz vrata našeg kluba, ugledaćete puno lepih i negovanih devojaka koje svojom atraktivnošću jednostavno ostavljaju bez daha . To je naš noćni striptiz  klub!

Želite nezaboravno iskustvo?

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