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Want To Pick Up A Stripper? No Problem – Here Are Some Tips On How To Do It

Strip clubs are awesome places where you can meet a bunch of people, especially girls, of course. Guys who visit strip bars usually just want to have fun and be comfortable around hot, naked ladies. But, some of the men want to try and experience a little bit more than that, like dating a stripper. You shouldn’t believe in any common strip club myths such as – strippers don’t date customers. That, actually, is not true at all. So, if you’re asking yourself “how to pick up a stripper” – your dilemmas have come to an end.

The answer to this question isn’t actually easy as it seems, but, in the end, everything is all up to you. Hooking up with a stripper depends on several factors that you should always keep in mind. Among all of them, the most important are your approach, stripper’s mood, club’s atmosphere and rules. Everything should be “packed on” perfectly, in order for you to make your move. With this being said, here are some tips on how to pick up and get an intimate relationship with a strip club girl.

How To Pick Up A Stripper? Be Confident!

Being self-confident is the first step to making a stripper your girlfriend. It applies not only when you just want to pick up a stripper, but when you want to date any other girl. Don’t act like you are the guy who needs consolation or comfort. Actually, don’t act like you are a desperate man whose visit to a strip club is a chance of having some attention. When you walk in a striptease bar, act like you own it. Be the man that knows everyone in a striptease bar.

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You have to give an impression that there are no boundaries for you and that you are important guy there. But don’t exaggerate in it. No one likes arrogant people. Be polite and friendly not only towards the ladies, but also with the staff. Be sure that a stripper will notice your confident and positive attitude, and they will really appreciate it. If they see you just chilling with other people in a cozy atmosphere, they will automatically think that you are popular, and girls love this thing! This significantly increases your chances to pick up a stripper.

Also, you should pay attention to a strip club rules and the energy. Act like you are familiar with all strip bar regulations and “go with the flow”, as people say.

Focus On Strip Girl’s Mindset And Her Attitude

If you want to know how girls think, you should get into her mind. In other words, when you want to hook up with a stripper, it is really important to focus on her behaviour, attitude and mindset. Whether you are a first time in a strip club or you a regular customer, you should know that strippers are not sex workers. Dancing on a pole for you, taking her clothes off and entertaining you is a part of her job. Which she does it to make more money. “How can I get more cash out of this guy” – this is exactly how stripper’s mind functions. As soon as you realize this, it will be easier for you to charm her and approach to her in the right way.

A lot of guys make huge mistakes in a strip club thinking that strippers are horny all the time. But, in reality that is not the case. So, if you are asking yourself how to pick up a stripper, then you should never objectify her. Be respectful to her and her profession, and she will respect you and treat you right. Also, try to keep and maintain an eye contact with her so she knows that you are really into her. Don’t just pay attention to her gorgeous body and mesmerizing moves. Because, if you do this, you’ll be just like any other customer, so she will lose interest in you.

How To Pick Up A Stripper? Be Mysterious, Different And Don’t Let Her Lap Dance

Girls, in general, like when guys are different. Whether is your clothing style, way of talking, intelligence, good looking or any other thing – they simply adore when their man is not like any other. That’s in their nature. This thing also implies when we are talking about picking up a strip club girl. So, in order to pick up a striper, you should never be just a regular customer. Don’t just sit there and stare like you’ve never seen a naked lady in your life before. Be mysterious, different, show your full potential and don’t be afraid (or shy) to flirt with a stripper.

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When you are talking to her, be open minded and relaxed and, trust us, you’ll have an incredible experience in a strip club. While flirting with a stripper, don’t ask her usual and predictable question such as “where are you from”, etc. You should always pay for a dance, but what is more important – don’t pay her a lap dance! Yeah, you’ve read it right. If she falls in your lap that easily, you know that you are just a regular client and that she has zero interest in your personality.

Try not to respond to her sexual vibes and try to hold back your fantasies. Make her sit beside you, tell her that you want to know each other better. Talk about your interests and passions. Make her feel comfortable and like she’s not at her job. Get her mind off the work! Also, don’t throw a bunch of cash on her. At this specific moment she’ll know that you really like her and that you are really interested in her personality, not just in her body.

Connect With Her – Get Her Real Name And Phone Number

The most important thing when it comes to picking up a strip club lady is to connect with her. We’ve already said that maintaining an eye contact and not being a regular customer is a relevant part of hooking up with her. If you feel that night that there is a “mutual chemistry ” between you two, try to get her phone number and find out her real name. Guys, this is really not that difficult thing. In fact, it is one of the easiest things that you can do if you just follow the steps above. You can have faith in us – if you charm her, respect her, take it slowly and don’t push it, strip club girl will offer you many, many amazing things.

When you get her phone number, make her text you later on that night and ask her to meet her somewhere outside of the strip club. So, stop asking yourself how to pick up a stripper. We gave you an answer.  If you want to meet a lot of awesome, desirable, friendly and hot strippers, then you should definitely come to Romansa Nightclub. The most beautiful and provocative girls in our club in Serbia are waiting for you and they are willing to do anything for your maximum pleasure. It will take you only five minutes to realize why going out to a strip club is better than regular night out. That’s why Romansa Nightclub has the reputation of the best strip club in Belgrade.

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