team building in a strip club

Team Building in a Strip Club – Unconventional but Effective

The success of any company depends a lot on the relationships among its employees. You need to make sure you have a strong team that can work together and create a positive, working atmosphere. This means you have to organize team building sessions from time to time and help establish those bonds among your people. The type of event you choose says a lot about your company. Various bosses opt for paintball games or hiking events, but what if you want to be a bit more special? Have you considered organizing team building in a strip club? You wouldn’t believe how effective it can actually be. Here are a couple of points for you to consider.

Laid Back Attitude

First of all, if you want satisfied employees that generate positive atmosphere at work, you need to show them your laid back side. They have to see just how casual you can be and realize that working in your company can actually be fun. The best way to do it is to organize team building in a strip club, which is the perfect place to blow off some steam gathered during the working week. You employees will certainly appreciate going to a cool place like the night club Romansa in Belgrade. Beautiful girls, great cocktails and a casual atmosphere – what’s not to like?

team building in a strip club

Incentive for New Employees

Finding the right employee can be quite difficult, but keeping him in the company can be even harder sometimes. So, if you want to attract high-quality staff, you need to offer some interesting incentives – something that will separate you from the competition. You will gain instant popularity among the potential employees when they hear about your unique team building sessions. Anything that helps you stand out from the crowd is good for your business, as you probably know, so give it a shot. A team building in a strip club is beyond doubt something memorable.

Great atmosphere

One of the most important reasons why team building in a strip club is worth considering is simply its great atmosphere. Where else can you find the most beautiful Serbian girls in one place dancing solely for your viewing pleasure? It is a great alternative to a classic night out and will beyond doubt keep your employees happy. Keep in mind that strip bars aren’t just for men. Both genders can enjoy this amazing atmosphere, drink some tasty cocktails and admire the beauty of local girls. After all, beauty is universal, isn’t it? We think so.

Change of Pace

All this being said, a night out in a strip club with your employees can just be a nice change of pace. If you’re tired of organizing the same old field trips and outings, why don’t you just mix it up a little bit? You need to break the routine now and again if you want your employees to feel fresh and motivated. A team building in a strip bar can be something of an exception that proves the rule, if you want. So, break the pattern and try something different right now.

team building in a strip club

Romansa Night Club – Prefect for Team Building in a Strip Club

If you’re looking for the right place to try out this new team building idea, we recommend Romansa night club. This popular strip bar in Belgrade can be found in two locations in the city center – Skadarska 40 and Balkanska 18. Both of these locations will offer you the ultimate strip joint experience that you will never forget. Contact us right now and we’ll help you organize a unique team building session your employees will absolutely love.