strip club myths

Strip Club Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

There are so many strip club myths circulating out there, mainly because of what people see in the movies or hear from others. In Hollywood, strip joints are always presented as dark and dirty places full of criminals and, otherwise, suspicious people. In reality, striptease bars offer unique experience that you can’t get anywhere else. Because we want you to try them out yourself, we’re going to help you debunk some common strip club myths. Take a look at what we’ve got.

strip club myths

Strip Clubs Are Dangerous

Like we’ve already mentioned in the introduction, a lot of what people know about strip clubs comes from the movies. It is presented as an ideal place for gang shootouts and senseless confrontation. Of course, that’s not how it is in real life. The main function of a striptease bar is to provide entertainment and relaxation for numerous guests, so why would it be dangerous? People go there to have fun and not cause trouble. Why would you want to fight when you can just enjoy with beautiful, naked girls?

As it is with all other clubs, strip joints also have their own professional security. So, if any complications appear, they’re there to sort it all out. You have nothing to worry about except how you’ll contain your excitement when the hot girls appear. That’s the only danger there.

Strippers Are Prostitutes

Many people have prejudices when it comes to strippers, mistaking them for prostitutes. Of course, they’re far from one another. Strippers don’t sell their body or have sex with the guests. They are just highly skilled seductive dancers who know how to push the right buttons. It’s all about the secret art of seduction that can be quite hard to master.

Again, thanks to the movies, a lot of people feel that these exotic dancers do this job simply because they’re struggling to make ends meet. They get the impression that the strippers are basically forced to be there, blackmailed even. Obviously, that’s not true. That’s just one of many strip club myths. It is a job like any other except that not everyone can do it. It’s not just about taking your clothes off. You need to know how to present your body in the right way and use the body language to charm everyone.

You Need a Lot of Money

The reason why so many guests avoid visiting strip clubs in the first place is that they feel they need a lot of money. There’s a common belief that these joints are just there to rip you off and take even the last penny you have. However, in reality, you can spend any amount you like. The price of drinks can be a bit higher because you’re also paying for the show but everything else is optional.

The concept of “making it rain” with dollar bills is really an American thing. Most other countries don’t necessarily encourage such a behavior. Why would you throw your money into the air when you can simply give the bundle to the dancer or pay for a private lap dance. Makes  a lot more sense, right?

strip club myths

Going to Strip Clubs Is Weird

Another stigma that prevents people from visiting strip clubs has something to do with the opinions of others. Going to strip clubs is somehow perceived as weird, sinful, and simply immoral. However, what’s so weird about enjoying the beauty of another human being? Especially considering these are all skillful dancers who know how to please the eye.

In fact, going to strip clubs has become quite normal nowadays. It is a great alternative to going to same old clubs and bars on the weekend. It’s a great way to spice your routine and can even help you with your sex life. Quite amazing, isn’t it?

Strip Club Myths Debunked – Romansa Nightclub

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