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Five Common Mistakes People Make When Going Out To A Strip Club – Avoid These Things

A night out in a strip club can be really fun and the most thrilling and exciting experience of your life. But, before you visit a strip club, keep in mind that every striptease bar has certain rules. You should always respect them, especially if you go to a strip club for the first time. These rules exist, not to limit your enjoyment, but to maximize and improve your pleasure. There are some common mistakes people make in strip club, because, previously, they didn’t ask around about the rules. So, try to avoid these things, because being in a strip bar should be special “blessing” night for you. And you want to remember that night for the rest of your life.

Always Bring Money With You And Don’t Use Credit Card

When you go out in a regular bar or club, you don’t want to have your pockets empty. The same thing goes for going out to a strip club. Having cash with you makes it easier to go throughout the night. Although, most of the strip clubs have some sort of the ATM machine, but whether you are paying for the drink or a stripper, please, don’t use the credit card. Unless, you want to spoil the unique moment with exotic dancer.

Having money with you is particularly important when you have to tip and pay the hot, naked lady who is pole dancing. Or lap dancing. So, never forget to bring your cash with you when you’re going out to a strip club. And remember to always ask for prices.

Mistakes People Make In Strip Club – Not Tipping The Stripper

Every striptease club has its own specific norms you need to follow. But, there is one unwritten rule for every strip bar – always tip the stripper. That hot, attractive and tempting girl is doing everything to seduce you in the best way possible. So you could have the most incredible experience in a strip club. That is, essentially, the part of her job. It is considered to be disrespectful not tipping the stripper.

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So, when you are sitting in front of the stage (or the rack), watching these gorgeous ladies pole dancing, you should be generous and reward them for entertaining you. Or, at least, pay them a drink. You don’t want her to lose interest in you.

Don’t Touch The Girls And Don’t Be Rude

Being in a strip club and looking at the mesmerizing girls with tight bodies can initiate a lot of sexual fantasies. That’s one of the main reasons why people like going to strip clubs. But, often mistakes people make in strip club then is to touch the lady and being indecent. That’s a big no no! Touching the girls is really inappropriate and the security can kick you out of the strip club because of it. One simple rule you should follow in every striptease bar is – you can look, but you can’t touch.

She can look at you with desire, she can give you awesome lap dance. But that doesn’t mean she wants to be intimate with you. Also, you can chat with the girls, flirt with them, but when you do it – be nice to them. Respect them. Don’t be rude, just enjoy the phenomenal moment and exciting atmosphere.

Mistakes People Make in Strip Club – Avoid Getting Drunk

Whether is a regular night out or night out in a strip club, having a tasty drink can always improve your experience. Having a few little alcoholic drinks can definitely help you relax, be yourself and have really pleasurable time. But, there is no fun at all with getting too drunk and having no control of yourself. Especially if you are having a bachelor party in a strip club. Or, even, birthday party. If you get way too drunk, you’ll make the stripper’s job really tough and, eventually, she’ll go to another customer. And, you don’t want that.

So, instead of having the best night in your life, you’ll end up just embarrassing yourself. Don’t ruin the fun you are supposed to have. Keep in mind – drinking booze definitely won’t hurt you or the people around you, if you are moderate at it.

Don’t Use Your Phone

Don’t get the wrong impression at first sight – of course you can bring your phone when you are going to a strip club. But, what you do with your phone inside a strip bar matters. Yes, you can send few text messages or make a quick call. Nevertheless, one of the most often mistakes people make in strip club is to use their phone to snap a photo or a video of stripper. Just don’t take pictures of ladies, it’ll make them feel uncomfortable and can get you in a big trouble.

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It can also compromise the safety of the bar and all the people working in it. So, when you are sitting (or standing) in front of the stage, keep your phone away and have all the fun in the world!

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