How To Treat Strippers? Rules Of Conduct In A Striptease Club

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How to treat strippers when you go out to a striptease club? How to talk to them? Is there anything that strippers don’t want to hear from you or see you do? Answers to these questions are an essential key for your ultimate fun at a strip club. Because, if you make some of the common mistakes while treating strippers you might end up getting thrown out of the striptease club. And, you really don’t want that.

Hot strippers and exotic dancers are the central part of stripping industry. Without them, the whole magic of striptease and taking clothes off wouldn’t even exist. Just because they are showing their sexy naked bodies doesn’t mean that they’re promiscuous. And due to this fact, there are people who have wrong beliefs about strippers. In reality, they are just regular girls who happen to love stripping and dancing.

So, when you ask yourself “how to treat strippers”, there certainly are some rules you should follow.

How To Treat Strippers – Respect Their Profession

First and foremost, you should know that stripping isn’t just about taking off bra, socks and panties. If that was the case, every single girl could do stripping. But, it’s not like that.

Stripping is a profession and girls are really dedicated and committed to their job. Sexy ladies really enjoy while performing stunning pole dance or fantastic lap dance. It’s not just their nine-to-five job, it’s their passion. It’s the way that they show their sexuality, sensuality and freedom.

how to treat strippers Romansa Nightclub 2

We have told you all these things above, because, when it comes to treating strippers the right way, you should respect their profession in every single way. Don’t ask them questions such as “when will you find the real job” or “is this your final career solution”, because that is not acceptable and it is considered to be really rude. We explained to you why. Just as doctors or lawyers like their working occupation, so do the strippers enjoy what they do. Simple as that.

Talk To Them With Appreciation

There are many benefits of going out to a strip club. You can just go there, sit on a sofa, drink your favourite drink, relax, and watch an incredible strip dance. However, you don’t necessarily need “just” to watch strippers and to be the observer. And we explicitly say “just”, because watching and witnessing an outstanding strip show is a heaven for all senses.

You can also talk to a stripper. Seriously, feel free to chat, coquet and flirt with her. Their seductive look and sexy chat will wake up all of your sexual fantasies. But, this is exactly the moment when you should really pay attention to the question “how to treat strippers”. Although strippers are open-minded, polite and friendly, that doesn’t mean that you can talk rubbish to them.

Don’t tell them odd and inappropriate things such as “you certainly have difficulties finding boyfriend”, “do you know the Wi-Fi password”, “I’m not married”, “you remind me of my daughter” or similar things. These are the types of sentences that no stripper wants to hear. Also, don’t swear or don’t get drunk.

how to treat strippers Romansa Nightclub 3

So, feel free to talk to her, but not too free. If you really like her, then charm her and play smoothly. Who knows, in the end of the night out you can end up dating a stripper.

How To Treat Strippers – Tipping Is Obligatory

Probably the most known principle of a night out in a strip club is to tip a stripper. Actually, spending money in a strip club is an inevitable part of this type of night out. The stripper’s job is to impress you and to do fantastic things for your satisfaction. Their hot moves, sexy vibes and phenomenal stripping performance leave all the customers breathless. Needless to say that this is one of the main reasons why men like going out to a strip club.

However, their stripping act doesn’t come without price, in a good way, of course. When we say “price”, we literally mean price – in money. Strippers should be rewarded for their actions and stripping dance. So, show your gratitude by giving her a nice tip (and, try not to be a small amount of money). Tipping the stripper is not just about paying her for services. Tipping challenging ladies is a really nice gesture where you, in concrete actions, show how much you admire strippers and their profession. Trust us, they’ll know how to appreciate this.

By the way, don’t bring a credit card along with you, because an unwritten rule in a strip club is to give only banknotes. The more money you give, the more intense pleasure it is.

Where To Find The Hottest Strippers?

We hope that in this article we gave you the final answer to the question “how to treat strippers”. All you need to do is to be nice. Yeah, it is that simple. Leave everything else to exotic girls who will do anything for your good mood. But, where to find these attractive and beautiful girls who will help you encourage your sexual desires? The one and only answer is Romansa Nightclub.

Our strip club has an informal and a prestigious reputation of the best strip club in Belgrade. All of our strippers pay full attention to the true values of good pleasure. Our girls are provocative, sexy as hell, pretty, friendly, romantic and charming. At the end of their performance they will wear nothing on them, except a smile made just for you.

So, if you want to have the perfect experience in a strip club, then Romansa Nightclub is an ideal place for you. We are located in Skadarska 40, the most popular street in Belgrade, so you won’t be having any problems finding us. Drop by and fulfill all your fantasies.

O nama

Najzgodnije devojke i sa najlepšim provokativnim pogledom su u Romansi! Prvo kada prođete kroz vrata našeg kluba, ugledaćete puno lepih i negovanih devojaka koje svojom atraktivnošću jednostavno ostavljaju bez daha . To je naš noćni striptiz  klub!

Želite nezaboravno iskustvo?

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