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Dress Code In A Strip Club – How To Be Classy, Fashionable And Gallant In A Striptease Bar?

The only purpose of going out to a strip club is to have fun that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. It’s not uncommon for some of the lads to make mistakes when going out to a gentlemen’s club. The result of these bloopers can be really embarrassing, when security reacts and kick you out of the club. And, one of these mistakes is not to dress properly. Always keep in mind that the dress code in a strip club is an essential thing if you want a hot stripper to “throw an eye” on you.

Now, when we’re talking about wearing proper clothes in a strip club, there are two extreme options. One of them is to wear business (professional) suit – in other words, to dress strictly. And, the other option refers to men who think that going out to a strip club wearing shorts, flip-flops, etc, is fine. In reality, none of these dress code options are, basically, ok. Here’s everything you need to know about dressing suitably in a strip club.

Dress Code In A Strip Club – What To Wear In A Striptease Bar?

The first unwritten rule in a strip club is to dress appropriately. Yes, we live in a 21st century and in an online era, where all the information is available on the web in every single moment. But, despite that fact, many guys still don’t know what to wear in a strip club. So, the question is – what clothes to wear in order to enjoy in a phenomenal strip show? First of all – there is no strict norm what you should wear in a striptease bar, but there are some principles.

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Try to wear something classy that will make you look sophisticated, smart and with prestige. You are definitely allowed to get inside of a strip club if you’re going there wearing appropriate work clothes. That means you can wear your office clothes, with shoes, long sleeve shirt and tie. But, loosen up that tie a bit, so you could give an impression that you came here just to chill out. Trust us, exotic dancers love that! However, you don’t have to wear these “serious” clothes. Also, feel free to come in a strip club wearing some casual clothes. But, not too casual.

Dress code in a strip club can be a simple jeans , simple sneakers and simple T-shirt with collar. That will do the trick. The atmosphere in a strip club, for you personally, will be much, much better if your dress right.

But… What NOT To Wear In A Strip Club?

Just imagine the next situation. You have planned the perfect night out in a strip club and you’re really excited because you will see a bunch of naked bobies and asses. But, the strip club’s security guards tell you that you cannot come inside. Because your clothes don’t match the dress code in a strip club. It’s a real shame, isn’t it? These mistakes commonly make the guys who came to a strip club for the first time. So, if you don’t want to get banned from going into the strip club, then you should know what NOT to wear in these places, as well.

Most of the strip clubs don’t allow wearing slippers, flip-flops or sandals. Also, the majority of the strip clubs consider that wearing tank tops is really inappropriate. Sporty casual clothes are perfectly fine. Nevertheless, you cannot come to a strip club wearing your gym, training or running clothes. The reason being is that this kind of clothes is disrespectful, not only towards strippers, but to the staff as well. You can forget about having the greatest time in a strip club, if you wear ripped jeans, sweatpants or open toed shoes.

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Avoid wearing some gang clothes, hoodies or even clothes that someone can interpret as discriminatory.

Dress In Style And Come To The Best Nightclub In Belgrade

As we can see, dress code in a strip club is really important when it comes to ultimate enjoyment in these places. We guarantee that, if you dress exactly as you’re supposed to, you’ll receive the best lap dance in your life. And that’s just one of the reason why people like going out to a strip club. So, without further ado, dress with style, be gallant and dignified and visit the best strip club in Belgrade Romansa Nightclub.

As soon as you enter our club you will see the most beautiful Serbian girls. Our exotic dancers are challenging, glamorous, extremely desirable, sexy as hell and really unique. They have the natural talent cheer you up in a matter of seconds. Their magical pole dancing will do wonders for your good mood! You can drink your favourite beverage, while sitting in a comfortable sofa and watching their seductive strip dance. Oh, they will make your dreams come true! Also, you can celebrate birthdays at our strip club or organize bachelor parties. Or even team building events.

We are located in Skadarska 40, the most popular street in the center of Belgrade. Select only the right strip club – choose Romansa Nightclub! The hottest strippers are eagerly waiting for your arrival.

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