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How to make your partner enjoy the strip club – Advice for ladies

We have a question for ladies – have you ever let your partner enjoy the strip club? If the answer is NO, well, give it a chance.

There is a lot of discussions about going into a strip club if a person is in a relationship or marriage. Many times that has been a taboo topic, but actually, there is nothing bad about being open with that.

How to make your partner enjoy the strip club – No stress

Men generally love to talk about sex. All women should just realize that and learn how to live with that fact. Everything about erotic is extremely amusing to them.

If you are in a relationship or marriage, and your other half just wants to go to a strip club, let him be.


There is a lot of reasons.

First of all, he will let it out of his system. Obviously, if he wants to go to a strip club, he is unsatisfied with something in your bedroom. But, that does not have to be a bad thing. No person could have everything, but he is not choosing to cheat on you. Only going to watch a cute lady getting naked. Surely, he will be much better with you after that experience.

If you are missing some adventure, then you should go with him. Maybe that would improve your relationship. That experience is going to be a great foreplay for him, and maybe for you too.

Get a lap dance together. That may be great fun for both of you and lead for you two having hot sex at home. It is important to remind that it is all just a fantasy. Only the two of you are the real thing, the one you want to come home to.

Do not ever start a fight with him, because that will only make a wrong impression and may cause a lot of bad stuff. If there is really a big problem, try to explain to him those things that make you uncomfortable.

How to make your partner enjoy the strip club – Surprise him

If you really want to make him happy, you love him. And what about if he wants to go to a strip club? Be his stripper. Let us think about that for a second. Why don’t you arrange a performance show?

Surely you know how to take your clothes off, and to dance… All right, not exactly like a stripper, but you can manage it.

Surprise him with your own performance at home when he comes back from a strip club. He will be charmed.

There is no problem if you two talk. You should not be afraid. Things like erotic movies or strip clubs are not the problem. The danger is when people are not honest with their partners or refuse to talk about it.

You have to talk constantly about your wishes and preferences. Every conversation requires some sort of compromise. He has to compromise for you. Whether he goes to the strip clubs less, only goes on special occasions or any other solution.

If there is a constant problem, you can not blame the strip club or exotic dancers. Maybe there is something really wrong with your relationship.

Feel free and sexy. That is all you need to make your man only yours forever.

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