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Enjoy In Outstanding Music – Top 5 Striptease Songs

If you thought that stripping is easy and that anyone can do it – then you’re so wrong. Dancing seductively, taking clothes off, sexy and challenging performance… Everything has to fit in perfectly. Overall, this means that the best strip show is more than just a job. It’s a kind of an art, where hot girls can express their sensuality in the best way possible. But, keep in mind that one of the most important factors in a strip club is definitely music. This leads us to the main question – what are the best striptease songs?

What type of rhythm do they have to have? What distinguishes these types of songs from the rest of the popular music hits? And most importantly – why are these songs essential for an excellent and amazing strip dance? Are they necessary for an ultimate strip club experience?

Find out the answers to these questions in our blog.

The Best Striptease Songs – Why Are They Important?

You know how they say – music is the only thing in this world that connects all of the people. With the right type of music at the right time, at the right place – everything looks automatically better. Additionally, the same goes for the music in a strip club. This is why DJs in every strip club should play only the best striptease songs. First of all, these songs change the whole ambiance and the atmosphere in a strip club. In a positive way, of course. The following thing is a proven fact – there’s no a great strip club party without the outstanding music and striptease songs.

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Second of all, songs get everyone in a positive mood, and particularly the exotic dancers. With an adequate music and songs, it is easier for them to strip and to make phenomenal, brilliant sexy moves, that’ll leave all of the men breathless. For example, the incredible lap dance is unimaginable without cozy and mesmerizing striptease songs. Or, when you’re watching the best pole dancing, your imagination and fantasies will be on a whole new level with stimulating sex songs!

However, they make the customers feel more relaxed and breezy. When you’re going out the strip club, you’re undoubtedly striving for the perfection and satisfaction. Besides the hot ladies and their stripping capabilities, the part of that perfection is definitely the music as well.

What Are The Most Popular Striptease Songs?

With all this being said, there still remains the fundamental question – what are the best striptease songs? For the purposes of this text, we’ll state the only the TOP 5 striptease songs that are made for complete enjoyment in a strip club. But, keep in mind that the list doesn’t end here and that there are many more suitable striptease songs for everyone’s taste.

Jo Cocker – You Can Leave Your Hat On

There are no words to describe how great and awesome this legendary song for striptease really is. “You give me reason to live…” Oh, yeah!

Deff Leppard –  Pour Some Sugar On Me

If you want to experience the sweet taste of an atmosphere in a strip club, then this song is absolutely perfect for that!

Billy Idol – Cradle Of Love

However, if you want to watch nude strippers while listening a little bit of a “hard sound”, then “Cradle Of Love” is an ideal choice!

George Michael – I Want Your Sex

It’s enough to just look at the title of this song and everything will be clear to you. Ladies and gentleman, listen to this masterpiece and indulge your passions!

Marvine Gay – Let’s Get It On

Old, but gold! What can we say more. When it comes to stripping, it doesn’t get better than this, folks.

The Best Striptease Songs Are More Than Just Songs

When you’re going out to a striptease club, you expect to see naked and nude girls that are shaking their boobies and asses for you. That is pretty normal, but, in order to impress their clients, they have to be really into it! Yeah, it is part of their job, but it is also their privilege to show their sexuality in a perfect manner. And, what is the best way to do it is while listening marvelous stripping music.

Unlike any other songs, the best striptease songs are made to be lascivious, provocative and sexy as hell. Once you hear them, you first association should be seduction and “dirty” thoughts. But, most importantly – these songs need to have that calming effect which will, at the same time, turn you and the ladies on!

When you look at it – striptease songs are really more than just a songs. And, as we have said earlier, these types of songs are unique art. If you want to experience the maximum pleasure while listening striptease music, then you should definitely visit Romansa Nightclub.

Romansa Nightclub – Feel The Explosion Of Amusement

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