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History of Striptease – Early Seductions

Stripping is one of the oldest seduction techniques in the world. Women have always used striptease to arouse men either as a part of a ritual or some personal agenda. In our new blog, we will take you on a ride through the rich history of striptease and provide you with some details you probably didn’t know. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy various strip shows in our club that much more. Learn a little bit about this amazing art form and people who have pioneered it. After that, Romansa night club will seem even more seductive and interesting.

Biblical Story

Did you know that one of the earliest examples of stripping can be found in the Bible? There is an old story about a seductive dance performed by the daughter of the Jewish Princess Herodias. Apparently, she managed to seduce King Herod who agreed to grant her any wish. The exotic dancer, in turn, asked for John Baptist’s head on a plate. This is certainly a tumultuous start to the history of striptease.

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Ancient Sumerian Myth

Possibly the oldest myth that involved stripping in a sense can be found in the old Mesopotamia. In a story about their goddess Inanna, it is mentioned that she had to go through seven gates in order to get to the Underworld. At every gate, she had to remove one piece of her clothing to go through it. That is how she became one of the first dancers in the history of striptease. It makes sense since Inanna was associated with beauty, love, sex, and so much more. Many believe that this myth was an inspiration for the Jewish Princess story in the Bible.

Ancient Greece and Rome

In the ancient Greece, a lawgiver by the name of Solon created his classification of prostitutes at the time. One of them included the so-called auletrides, which were actually female dancers as well as acrobats, and musicians. These exotic dancers were undoubtedly the start of modern-day strippers. Later on, in Rome, striptease dance became quite common during celebrations in honor of the goddess Flora.

History of Striptease: Early England Days

A version of striptease became quite popular back in the days of Restoration in England. This type of dance was incorporated into a comedy called The Rover, which was written in 1677 by Aphra Behn. The stripper in the comedy, however, is a man who sensually undresses. This scene is played out for laughs as he ultimately gets cheated and robbed while undressed. Other works of art show that striptease was quite known at the time. By the 18th century, the girls who strip and dance naked in the brothels became a common practice.

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